Why is lighting so important?

Exposure to natural light not only reduces energy costs butalso enhances mood and aids in sleep. Spending the day in regions with naturallight can help your circadian rhythm work better, which can raise your mood andenergy levels. Excellent lighting accentuates the most spectacular elements,adds height and depth, and creates pleasant spaces. It has to do withintroducing fresh vitality into a room by balancing light and shadow. Thedesigns for your interior that an architect or interior designer creates can beas simple as drawing a network of downlights; nevertheless, this will not dojustice to what they have intended.


You may enhance the impact of your area by hiring lightingprofessionals to collaborate with your interior designer or architect. Theproper illumination facilitates all work tasks in both industrial and office settings.Approximately 85% of information that people get comes from their sense ofsight. By making moving machinery and other safety risks more visible, properlighting without glare or shadows helps lessen eye strain and headaches as wellas avoid workplace accidents.


Additionally, accidents and injuries brought on by temporaryblindness are decreased by high-quality lighting (momentary low-field visionbecause the eyes adjust from a brighter to a darker environment, or viceversa). Emotions, whether pleasant or negative, are heightened by bright light.Because dim light puts our emotions in check, people tend to make betterdecisions and find it simpler to agree to terms of compromise while bargaining.Anything that has the power to change our emotions and regulate our behavior iscrucial.


The architectural and stylistic elements of every space canbe made or broken by lighting. A pleasant, inviting, and the practicalatmosphere is guaranteed in your home when the rooms are well-lit. As a result,the first consideration in interior design is the utilization of suitablelighting. A room's furnishings, floors, accessories, finishes, and textures canall be improved and elevated by it.


Finding the ideal balance between style, comfort, andpracticality can be achieved by choosing the proper light. Most individualswould rather be upbeat than down, and by obtaining enough light—even artificiallight—it is possible to avoid being sad or depressed. Accent lighting can takethe form of a pendant lamp that is strategically placed above the dining table,a spotlight on a fine piece of artwork, or a floor lamp that highlights acertain piece of furniture. But why is light such a crucial aspect of ourlives? Here are five explanations that you might not have thought about.


This "layered lighting" approach uses ambient,task, and accent lighting, all of which have various functions. A strongelectric lighting system is crucial even in offices with natural light since itshould be kept in mind that a shortage of light can still be an issue. As lightis reflected into space by the ceiling glow, the entire space feelssignificantly brighter. It should be kept in mind that plants also require"night" for at least six hours each day to avoid being continuously exposedto light.


Due to the impact they can have on the guest experience,lighting controls are becoming more and more common in the hotel sector.Because we have such flexible control over this process, we shouldn't be afraidto employ artificial light to benefit our plants. Concealed lighting used incarpentry or construction is included in architectural lighting. Track lightingand interior wall lighting, such as wall lanterns that hang from the ceiling,are typical examples of accent fixtures.


What impact does this have on the layout of your room?

Lighting should be considered from the very beginning ofyour space's design. Working together with a lighting designer and includingthem in discussions with your architect, electrician, and any other expertsinvolved in the project can guarantee that everyone is on the same page. Aproject will go more smoothly and have a better chance of producing outstandingresults if the design process is collaborative.


The spatial illusion created by lighting design

A room will feel confined and narrow without adequateillumination. A space will be made brighter and more spectacular by efficientlyspreading light across it. The absence of shadows and harsh/dark lighting ismostly to blame for this.

Professional lighting designers can make a space appearlarger by employing a method known as "layered lighting." To achievethe desired appearance and atmosphere, various light sources are used in thissituation. The three types of lighting that make up this "layered lighting"technique—ambient, task, and accent—all have different functions.


Lighting design can boost productivity.

Although home offices might also benefit, this notion mostlyapplies to business settings. Employee productivity will decline under poorlighting, whereas it would rise under bright lighting. The biological andphysical impacts of lighting, which we previously discussed, come into playhere; when someone's mood is good, their productivity increases and lightingplays a significant role in this.


Increased design flexibility for lights

Lighting design offers many advantages, includingflexibility. Setting the ideal mood for your home is now simpler than everthanks to ongoing technological breakthroughs in lighting control.

Your ability to dim lights, select from pre-set lightingscenarios, and do much more is made possible by working with a professionallighting design consultant with competence in smart lighting and controls. Dueto the impact they can have on the guest experience, lighting controls arebecoming more and more common in the hotel sector. For restaurants, being ableto alter the level and ambiance of the lighting throughout the day is ideal.Customers can be awakened in the morning by creating a brighter environment,and in the evening, a cozy and comforting environment can be created.


If we collaborate with an interior designer or architect,your project will be stronger since the fittings can be fully included in thefinished design. On bigger projects, we may collaborate with a project manager.We aim to create the best outcome for your area, and the earlier we getengaged, the less tinkering will be required later.

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