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If you're looking for one of our Phantom lightingprofessionals, you've come to the right place. Our devoted team of lightingdesigners, knowledgeable sales reps, distributors, and installation specialistsare all based in the United States of America. Ghost Lighting Experts is knownas one of the top innovators in the lighting industry.


We are regarded as one of the most seasoned and distinctivelighting manufacturers and distributors in the world and were among the firstto design a patented and patented lighting product. So that we can meet theneeds of our customers, we exclusively collaborate with the most talentedindividuals in the industry. Residential homeowners, premier businesses,engineers, interior designers, architects, and others make up Phantom'sexclusive clientele. Our continuous dedication to assisting our clients infinding the best lighting solution for their projects is unparalleled.


The majority of our coworkers concur that we lead thelighting business with the best expert knowledge and design advice. Along withour in-house product resource team, we also offer first-rate pre-, during-, andpost-sale support. Having Phantom lighting professionals on your side isbeneficial when starting your lighting design project. You are in the ideallocation to discover an agent.


Phantom lighting technology is very flexible and may be usedin practically any setting. We make an effort to comprehend every aspect ofyour lighting project, including the sort of furnishings in your home or placeof business, the interior architectural design, the style of any artworkinvolved, any elements you intend to spotlight, and any displays you may have.This enables us to fully comprehend what will be most effective in realizingyour idea. To guarantee a truly unique product for you, we assist in managingyour lighting project from beginning to end.


We take great satisfaction in pushing innovation forward inlighting design, but what keeps customers coming back to us or sending usreferrals is our focus on them. Local representatives who work in specifiedlocations around the United States are called ghost lighting specialists. Thisenables us to comprehend needs that are exclusive to certain regions. It'spossible that what is desired in one region of the country may not be desiredin another.


We provide our clients with a consultative approach to projectmanagement. We'll make sure you work with an agent who has the most qualifiedand capable team members to guide you through every stage of the process andensure that your project is as successful as possible. For their lightingprojects, our commercial clients typically need architects, lighting designers,wholesalers, and contractors. The suitability of our lighting products for yourproject is determined in close consultation with these ghost lightingspecialists by our staff.


We assist them in specifying the need for a bundle ofofferings in the match schedule. To ensure that your purchase is placed,finished, and transported, we then stay in contact with the factory. Typically,one of our Phantom representatives will visit our home customers to assist themin making their choice of products. We first check to see if our goods fitproperly before directing you to one of our distributors or lightingspecialists.


From Canada to South America, we have a network ofprofessionals ready to help with sales, customer service, and bespoke ordersfor your lighting system. On a local level, everything is controlled by ournetwork. You can get assistance from our Phantom Lighting designers and expertsin identifying the areas in which your interior space would benefit most fromour lighting solutions. Choose the ideal projector or lighting strip for yourrequirements with the assistance of our experts.


Each item is designed to serve a particular function. Toachieve your goals, we can modify each lighting model as well as our Phantomproducts. Our lighting design professionals will go above and beyond yourexpectations, whether it's under-cabinet lighting, fine art lighting, LED lightstrips, or showcase lighting, among other things. For your lighting project athome or work, our experts have received thorough training in a variety oflighting-related areas.


Send your details for review if you want to work as a salesagent for Phantom Lighting. California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, and Georgiaall have openings. The electrical contractor should serve as the primary pointof communication between the general contractor and the representative becausethey are in charge of processing payments, warranties, and management oflighting fixtures. You can get assistance from a lighting representative withdesign advice, product selection, control system design, details, photometricstudies, etc.


Do you know how to pick the best sales representative forlighting? A skilled lighting salesperson can make the difference between asuccessful and a disappointing lighting sale. There are several things to takeinto account, such as the company's culture and the sales representative'sexperience. If a lighting sales representative's job description does notmention giving value to consumers, they are likely to be commission-orientedand may not add anything. There are ways to be noticeable and useful even ifyou can encounter the same issue.


The annual income range for a Lighting Sales Rep is $31,770to $44,193. The Bay Area has higher pay scales, with San Jose, Oakland, andHayward paying between $56,827 and $47,367 per year in salary. You might makeup to $11,701 more than the typical American depending on your workplace'slocation and industry. This work not only pays well, but it also promotes yourfinancial situation.


There are many benefits and intellectual fulfillment in theLED lighting market. It meets a genuine B2B need and aids in the establishmentof new businesses. A lot of business is also expected from independent LEDlighting sales representatives. LED lighting could therefore be the best optionfor you if you are passionate about both lighting and the environment. Whatshould you, therefore, look for in a freelance LED sales representative? Whenchoosing the ideal lighting sales representative, keep all the variables inmind.


A lighting designer is a qualified expert who offers a fulldesign service, including precise CAD drawings and a wide range of lightingoptions, and is compensated by the main contact of the design team. Thisindividual also has a direct line of communication with the factory and canspeed up delivery schedules, replace products that might have broken duringshipping or an accident, and respond to technical queries regarding lightinginstallation. The representative lighting agency employs sales representativesthat are skilled in all areas of the sale. The representative also helps withthe project's final closure and programming of the lighting controls.

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